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Although relatively low peaks of around 2000m (highest 2200m) the Australian alps still offer some excellent skiing. All of the commercial ski resorts bar two are in the Australian Alps positioned on the Victorian and NSW border. This may be because this area is the only area of the mainland that develops a sufficiently deep snowpack for snowsports. The region is also known, with typical Australian imagination, as 'The Snowy Mountains' or just 'The Snowies'.

On the Victorian side, there are 3 major ski resorts and 4 minor ski resorts. There are also many non-commercial ski resorts used for cross country skiing. On the NSW side of the Australian Alps, there are 2 major ski resorts and 2 minor ski resorts. There are also two small resorts in Tasmania.

Most Ski resorts in Australia open in mid to late June through to late August/ early September.


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